Flight Sergeant Reggie Richmond

      Mid Upper Gunner - 12 Squadron

John 'Reggie' Richmond at home in Guelph, Ontario, Canada

John 'Reggie' Richmond was the mid upper gunner in the following Lancaster crew

Pilot Sgt Frederick Morgan
Navigator Sgt G.L. Fountain
Wireless Op Sgt R. MaGinnis
Bomb Aimer Sgt Kenneth Walker
Flight Engineer Sgt Kenneth Foster
Mid Upper Gunner F/S John 'Reggie' Richmond
Rear Gunner Sgt G.T. Spiece





I'm not sure when the crew were posted to 12 Squadron, but on the 11 April 1943 Reggie wrote a cheerful letter to his parents back home in Canada;




England, Apr 11, 1943

Dear Mum & Dad,

Well, here I am just back from twelve days leave and settled on another new station. I spent the greater part of it with my brother and in laws and went out on a two-day scheme with the 3rd battery. It was quite a change to "tough it" for awhile in contrast to the compartively soft life I have. However I enjoyed my leave very much and had a great rest. When I arrived here there was a post card from you waiting for me as well as a long letter from Gertie.

By the way, did I ever tell you about the members of my crew? The pilot is a real nice Australian and certainly knows his stuff. Our navigator is a red headed Scotchman and always grinning. The flight engineer, bomb aimer and wireless operator are all English and the rear gunner and myself Canadian. We've been nick-named the "flying league of nations" and to hear us all in conversation, one would think we were rightly named. But the are all great fellows and we get along fine together.

I guess you and Dad are back on the homestead by now and renewing aquaintances with all the neighbours. I didn't mention having met Rip and Lorne Lott during my leave - well I did and they are both fine, but poor Lorne still has stutters as badly as ever.

Well folks, I still haven't received but one parcel - and that was in the middle of January. Irene mentioned having sent cigarettes but they've never arrived either, and I could sure do with some good fags for a change.

I must close now for lack of news. I hope this reaches you and finds you as heathly as I am. If I get any fatter, I'm afraid it will be embarrassing.

Cheerio with love

From Reg.

On the night of 13 May 1943 - operations were ordered to bomb Bochum in Germany

Thirteen Lancasters from 12 Squadron joined over 440 Bomber Command aircraft

Tragically the Lancaster Reggie was flying in [R5688 PH-G] crashed near Gelsenkirchen. Those who died Sgt Morgan [New South Wales, Australia], Sgt Foster [Yorkshire, UK] and Sgt Richmond [Ontario, Canada] are buried in the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery.

Sgt Fountain, Walker, Maginnis and Spiece were captured and became prisoners of war.

Below are two letters sent to Reggie's parents - the first of which is from the Royal Canadian Air Force, the second from RCAF Air Marshal Harold Edwards







































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